Tuesday, February 23


T U E S D A Y  T R E A S U R E S

Every week new things arise and you find little hidden gems that are too good not to share. So I am starting a new series where I share a weeks worth of my favorite things every Tuesday.

Thursday, February 18

How to Achieve Your Goals

Ever since the new year, I have been trying out a new thing. Instead of creating New Years Resolutions or monthly goals, I have begun to start making weekly goals: little things I want to accomplish each week to start gaining new habits. I started out with something I have always wanted

Sunday, January 17


If you live or are visiting London a great place to visit is Cambridge. Not only is it the home to of one of the most prestigious universities in the world, it is a great cute and historical town.

Monday, January 11

My Study Abroad Experience

I've been home for a about a month and a half and I can't believe so much time has gone by since I was in London. Going abroad is such an incredible experience and I recommend it to everyone. You

Wednesday, December 30

The Party of the Year

New Years Eve is upon us and whatever party (or parties ;) ) you decide to attend, every woman has
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