Wednesday, November 25

Brick Lane

If you live in London you'll know the famous Brick Lane and it's many markets. And if your new to London I highly recommend strolling along this road on an empty stomach! I love going on a Sunday

Sunday, November 22

Muriel's Kitchen

Of course when in London one of the first things I had to do was find a good Brunch place! After searching nearby places, I came across a cute little restaurant called Muriel's Kitchen. The atmosphere of the place is adorable, fresh, and inviting. I could literally just go just for coffee or tea

Sunday, November 15

What Not to Pack When Studying Abroad

If you are traveling a semester abroad (like I am),  or even a year abroad, you may justify the need to fit your whole bedroom into a suitcase. You probably have heard it a billion times before–as have I– but you don't need to bring as much stuff as you think you need. Here are a few things I regret packing this semester.

Monday, October 5

What To Pack When Studying Abroad

Not packing everything is the biggest struggle when traveling abroad. And deciding what to bring along can be stressful and nerve-recking. So, should you bring it along or leave it behind?

Monday, September 28

Apologies from Across the Atlantic

     It's been a while, I know, but I'm back! I'm sorry for the delay in posts recently (and if I'm being honest I was never good at keeping a schedule to begin with), but I will say it is for a good reason. Since my last post I packed two bags for three months and flew seven hours to London!! I am
Maira Gall